A guide on How to Apply for PR in Singapore


Permanent-Residency-SingaporeBeing a very busy city, Singapore is one of Southeast Asia’s most visited areas. It is a multicultural destination area that blends more than five religions and cultures. The huge traffic flow has seen the city flourish into an economic giant that attracts investors, professionals and tourists around the clock. Many of the visitors end up considering Singapore for permanent residence (PR) for various reasons.

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Qualifications for Becoming a PR

So what are the requirements for becoming a resident of Singapore? The information contained in this guide will suffice you with all you should know about becoming a Singapore resident. It will also give you a step by step guidance on how to maneuver through the processes.

To begin with, all investors, people with Singapore employment pass, aged parents of a Singapore citizen, spouses and unmarried children below the age of 21 qualify for Singapore PR. However, to attain the legal permission to live permanently within Singapore you must obtain a PR.



The Process of Attaining a PR

You will be required to download and fill in Form 4 in order to apply for PR. Spouses, aged parents and children of Singapore citizens must provide a single copy of completed Form 4. On the other hand, professionals who hold employment or S passes should provide an original and a photocopy of Form 4A. Download the accompanying notes to Form 4 and Form 4A to assist you in the filling process.

It takes an average of 5 months for a person to apply for PR within Singapore. Processing of some applications, however may take up longer. You will be charged S$100 for an entry permit, a yearly S$10for reentry permit and S$30 Visa fee per issue for foreigners that require a visa.

A couple of documents should accompany the filled forms, including color passport-sized photos, valid travel documents, work passes and identity cards where applicable. Apply for PR today and permanently enjoy the rich cultural, economic and social heritage of Singapore with www.immigrationsolutions.sg/.


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